Ancient And Idyllic Beauties Of Hanoi


It’s not the splendid capital that attaches people to Hanoi, but it’s the idyllic features of this place.

From the peaceful ancient city to lovely corners of the street pavement coffee shops or from the romantic flower seasons to the poetic paths, all of them contribute to creating an amazingly beautiful Hanoi. And these are what make people give a great love to this city.

The color style of the ancient city

When it comes to Hanoi, people will naturally think about thirty-six streets and districts no matter where they live.

The paths and roads in Hanoi contain inside the soul of ancient and modern people of this capital. They are kept in the traces of each architecture which had turned the color of time. Surprisingly, just only need to stop in here, you will feel strangely dazed. What an infinitely charming ancient city!

Delicate colors of lots of kinds of flower

Living in Hanoi, you will have a chance to enjoy a wide variety of color of different flowers in each month during the year. Rumor has it that when people live here in a long time, there’s no need for them to follow the calendar. This is because the flower seasons have become the private calendar of people in this ancient city.

In the spring, the streets in Hanoi are totally covered with the bright pink of flowers. In March, Hanoi is in the harmony of the spotless white of milk flowers; while in June, it becomes a graceful city with the color of lotuses. Besides, that is a Hanoi full of the smell of milk flowers in the early autumn or elegant with daisies when the winter comes.

Consequently, it is usually said that “Hanoi belongs to the seasons of flowers.” Hanoi is really nice as a love song in the heart of Hanoinese.

Memories of dates

Other reason making people love Hanoi is also because of many great corners of dating and pretty coffee shops. Furthermore, not only tourists but also the young and local people also like walking along the bank of Guom Lake, the park of the square or wandering along the West Lake during a day to enjoy the fresh air of nature in the middle of the capital.

Hanoi doesn’t lack lovely coffee houses for people to gather and talk together. They are in many styles, from luxurious one for white-collar workers to ancient ones for nostalgic people.

The cuisine of this ancient city

Hanoi is not only famous for its thousand-year culture and charming beauty but also its specific and unique cuisine of the old city.

Walking along the streets of Hanoi, tourists can easily find a delicious food, even when it is sold along the street pavement or in an old and small shop. Not mention it, just try once, you will surely want to eat more. There are many dishes you should not miss in Hanoi such as noodle, vermicelli and chicken soup, vermicelli and grilled chopped meat, steamed rolled rice pancake.

Hanoi is terrific with the smallest things that are extremely touching; therefore, when having free time, many people usually make a plan to explore all of these great things around Hanoi.